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What does the fall season have to do with your weight? Probably a whole lot.  Typically in the fall is when most people gain the most weight.  According to CBS Atlanta‘s report given by Cleveland Clinic registered dietitian Carolyn Snyder says “it’s the time of year when people tend to pack on some extra pounds by eating things like stews or creamy soups.”


Not to mention, in the fall and winter are the two biggest holidays in America of the year. Ding Ding Ding Ding!!! You got it right, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  In a two month span, or more like a little over thirty day span, people tend to eat everything that spells out food that they can get their hands on.  This is the time of the year that all of the rum cakes, cobblers, cookies, pies, truffles, oh need I go on. The sweet smell of the holidays. Don’t forget the turkey, ducks, hams, roasts, chitterlings, dressings, stuffing, yams, greens, mac and cheese, carbs, calories, carbs, and more calories.   I think I just gained and extra ten pounds just typing this out :).

With all of that being said, I have a few tips that might help you try to maintain your weight or at least gain the bare minimum.

1.  Try to walk/run at least 30 minutes a day. There are great benefits in walking, only one being weight loss.

2.  Cut Calories by using alternative ingredient. Like use skim milk in place of whole milk.

3. For those large meals, like holiday plates, take the It Works Fat Fighters with Carb inhibitors. You only need two after your larges meal.

4.  Of course, eat a balance of fruit and veggies each day.  A great supplement for that is Greens.

These are just a few suggestions to help keep the extra weight off during the fall season.  Happy fall and happy weight watching.

If you need a little encouragement during this season, text lifechanging to 77948 for weekly encouragement.

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