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How to Wrap Yourself

So many of my long distance clients want to know if could show them how to wrap themselves in a video, so here it is.  But first let me give you some best practices when you wrap.

1.  If you can take a nice hot shower first, that would be great.  Get those pores to open nice and wide.

2.  If no shower is available, wipe the area you want to wrap clean.  No lotions or potions 🙂

3.  Drink plenty of water.  The more water you drink, the more toxins are flushed (the better your results)

4.  Ladies, if you are menstruating, wait until after your cycle for best results.

5.  Use saran wrap or tight fitting clothes to keep the Ultimate Body Applicator secure.

6.  Absolutely NO sweating…. this means no working out, exercising or extensive activity when wearing the wrap.

7.  Use just one wrap every 72 hours per area.

8.  Wear your body wrap for 45 minutes to a hour….. rub in all the good all natural ingredients after you take it off.

9.  Be skinny 🙂

Now here is the video I made just for you. Happy Wrapping

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