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About Me

photoMy name is Tracey G. Lee and I was born and raised in Chicago Illinois. I am an Emerald Executive Distributor. I come from a very large family. I have 6 brothers and 6 sisters. There are two sets of twins in the midst of us, including myself. I am a widow, mother, and ordained minister. I have 3 beautiful children, one son (12), and 2 daughters (9,6), one little puppy, Uno.

My story is a lot different from others, but similar to many. I was married at 17 years old and widowed at the age of 23. Due to the difficult times I made the choice that I was going to be an over-comer of every obstacle that was to come my way. I began to prepare in my mind that I was going to succeed not only for myself but for my children’s sake. So, I decided that in order for that to happen I needed to be available to my children in every area of their lives. Because of my decision, I have been working from home for the last 7 years and I absolutely love it.

During my work from home journey, I came to know about It Works from my sister and cousin who were using the Ultimate Body Applicators. I was so excited about their results and decided that I was going to order me four wraps. When I saw that four wraps would cost me $99, a thought came to me to inquire how I can become a distributor. I Googled, “how to be a distributor with It Works” and I found my answer. Needless to say, in February 2013 I became a distributor for the same $99 that I was willing to spend on four wraps. It was the best decision for me and my family. This is the most excited opportunity ever, not to mention that I have made new friends and great money already.
The best part about It Works is that we offer products, that number one; sell itself, which makes it easy to be a distributor. Number two, it does what I love to do most, help people build their confidence back. If you are the type of person that love to help people feel better about themselves, join our team by going to my website www.bodywraps360.com.

I look forward to working together with you!  Please contact me via the form below or Call 888.818.2434


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