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21 Days Health Challenge

You know what the old saying is, “it takes 21 days to break a habit”.  If, that’s true, then, it would take 21 days to start a new habit.  So for 21 days, I am challenging myself and you, yes you who are reading this, to live a healthy lifestyle.  This should include, eating properly, drinking plenty of water, for me cutting out the coffee :), exercising and just not doing anything that may endanger your health.  Just to give you an example, my 21 days will look something like this:

I will be posting on my YouTube Page daily videos to show my progress.  You can see the initial one below.  Also, if you are brave enough to join this challenge, which I know you are, like us on facebook.com/chicagowrapgirls and post your results there as well in the events page.  You may also post your comments or result in the section below.